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Amit is a writer for PTR studying bioengineering and health care management. He can be found in Huntsman hall blogging or trading crypto instead of doing his homework. His favorite pastimes include persuading sneks to go into entrepreneurship and telling CS kids to transfer into BE.


Antonia is a content sourcer and writer for PTR, studying Business Analytics and Management at Wharton with a minor in Engineering Entrepreneurship. She can be found 3D printing random prototypes at Education Commons, or overloading on caffeine in Huntsman.


Arun is a freshman in the Artificial Intelligence program and is tasked with keeping PTR's website looking fresh and running smoothly. He loves brewing coffee, singing (badly) to old Drake songs and eating Goldfish crackers.


Calista is a sophomore in biomedical engineering. She is a writer and outreach chair for PTR. If she's not in DRL 😞 , you can find her going for a run, buying food, or hanging with her roommates.


James is a sophomore majoring in Computer Science and the graphic designer for PTR. You can usually find him BOGO-ing at Chipotle, monopolizing the sheep market in Catan, or buying lottery tickets at Wawa.


May is a freshman studying Systems Engineering and a content writer for PTR. She can be found trying to complete her 10 boba punch card at Ochatto or hiding in a GSR at Huntsman.


Meera is a sophomore at Wharton studying marketing and finance. At PTR, she works on marketing to expand our reach both on and off campus. If she's not in Huntsman, you can find her aggressively eating salads.


Nihar is a sophomore majoring in Networks and Social Systems Engineering, and is the founder of PTR. You’ll either find him dancing with his friends in a giant carrot costume or playing guitar and writing code.


Prateek is a sophomore at Penn studying Computer Science, and is a writer and editor for PTR. He loves to play soccer, drums, and write. He also enjoys eating Nutella, going crazy in the woods, and the color red.


Sanjit is a sophomore studying Computer Science and is a writer for PTR. He loves producing, listening, and talking about music. His life goal is to teach a monkey how to play "Stairway to Heaven" on guitar.


Valencia is a sophomore studying Biology and working on site design for PTR. She loves Thai curry and all kinds of design, especially interior. When she’s not growing cells in the lab, she’s either cooking or exploring the city with friends.


Zoe is a sophomore majoring in Psychology as well as an editor and writer for PTR. When I’m not at Wawa getting a milkshake, you can find me cooking a yummy meal in Harnwell, reading in a grassy area, or planning my next travel adventure.

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